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Fireball Orange Aqua Head Hunter 12 Inch, 35 Pound Slip Ball Punching Bag Hybrid

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Brand: Aqua Training Bag

Color: Fireball Orange


  • Orange 12" - 35 lbs. Slip Ball Punching Bag Hybrid - Ships Unfilled
  • Perfect for Working Angles, Head movement, and Uppercuts
  • Durable, Flexible Material - Feels Like You're Hitting the Human body
  • Multipurpose - Designed for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Commercial Gyms & Home Gyms
  • Long Lasting - Designed to last and is backed with a 2-Year Warranty

Details: The 12" headhunter slip ball punching bag hybrid is our largest Head Hunter weighing in at 35lbs. when filled with water. Compare this Aqua Training Bag to a mix between a punching bag and a slip ball. One that can go just about anywhere. This bag is perfect for working your head movements and sparring too. You'll be surprised at the different types of training you'll be able to smash upon this water-filled hybrid boxing bag. Ready to knock it around? Order yours today! What you will need to fill your Aqua Training Bag: Screw Driver, Water Hose & a Hose Filling Nozzle *(Included)