Ambassador Program

What is a DG Ambassador?
We want to spread the word about our global fitness community. That's why we spend a lot of time and energy hand-picking DG Ambassadors — energetic fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life who embody our vision and represent our brand.
Our Ambassadors spread the word. While we absolutely love them, we aren't just about clothing and gear. Our mission is far more encompassing: We are a group of athletes across the globe coming together to promote health, fitness, style, and success. Our ultimate goal is to educate and to engage within a brand that cares and respects your values.

How does DG choose its Ambassadors?
Not just anyone can be an Ambassador. We want the best of the best. That's why choosing someone to represent DG is a lengthy and time-consuming task — but well worth it.

What are we looking for? You should be well rounded in health and fitness based on your knowledge, presentation, personal experience, attitude, diversity and capability. You should be active in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and YouTube. And while you don't need to be an expert blogger, you do need solid writing skills so that you can write intelligently on relevant health and fitness topics.
Above all, you should have a positive attitude: This is the foundation of our company and will always be the cornerstone of our brand.

Is there a specific person DG is looking for in the fitness industry?
There is no singular mold for an Ambassador. In fact, our Ambassadors are totally unique. We have beginners and fitness veterans. We have people from all areas of fitness: Power lifting, collegiate and professional sports, CrossFit, bodybuilding, yoga, jiu jitsu, boxing, pilates, spinning. We have triathletes, marathoners, tough mudders, and rock climbers. We want people on board to share whatever revs your engine, gets all cylinders running, has you sweating, and keeps you breathing heavy. The common thread is that you have a heartfelt passion for fitness — and want to inspire others with your passion.

That's the fun part. Our ambassador coordinator, will provide all the details once you have applied and have been accepted. Heads up: We get a lot of inquiries. So please be patient with us. If you aren't chosen, we encourage you to wait and reapply, since we take re-entries every six months.

What to include in you application:

In the "message" part of the form please submit a profile/resume that includes:

Gender, Body weight/fat, height, social media accounts, gym(s) you attend, qualifications & achievements, and a summary of why you want to be a DG Ambassador!