Video: How to Make Your Workouts 30% Easier and Faster GUARANTEED! with this Simple Painless Tip

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Setting Goals and visualizing the body or level of fitness we want can dramatically change the outcomes, making the challenge literally easier. Can this one simple and painless change in how we approach challenges make a huge difference?

Perception is reality, nothing said is more true.  If I believe I am fat, even if I have less than 10% body fat, to me I am still fat.  But why is that?  Obviously there is a long list of psychological, social and medical reasons for my body weight perception; or is there?  Can it be more physical than we think?  I mean literally can it be how my eyes actually work to show me the world?

Why do some people struggle more than others to keep off the pounds? Social psychologist Emily Balcetis shows her research that addresses one of the many factors: Vision, I mean actual eye sight.

In an informative talk, she shows how when it comes to fitness, some people quite literally see the world differently than others — and offers a surprisingly simple solution to use these differences to your advantage.

What Dr. Balcetis offers is so simple and so effective we thought you too could benefit.  You really need to understand this new insight into perception and learn how to apply it in your life and fitness routines.  Doing so literally makes your life easier and gets the things you need to get done faster.

One aspect that goes a long way to making your workouts easier is motivation.  Perhaps that is one reason people who use fat burners like Hydroxyelite report losing weight is easier, and fun.  In addition to speeding your metabolism and reducing your appetite, Hydroxyelite is reported to boost your moral and mood.  This kick in your step feeling may make a difference by changing how you see a your challenges.

The video is just under 15 minutes long and well worth watching.  It represents the latest findings by the social psychologist in the area of fitness and psychology and she backs up her research with some great examples, so some truth should be gleaned.  You will probably have to sit through a 20 sec.’ish commercial and for some reason the first minute and a half is in low-res video, don’t worry it quickly switches to high-res.  The first 3 minutes or so don’t have anything to do with fitness.  Don’t freak, shortly thereafter she gets into fitness in a big and inspiring way.



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