The Bodybuilder in the Kitchen

The Bodybuilder in the Kitchen

A Bodybuilder’s Diet is Not About Food

Walter admits that for him the diet is the hardest part of his quest. In the first video he said, “the worse you feel the better you look” and it this video you can see why. During my time with Walter, creating this piece for The Quest, it became apparent that reaching your bodybuilding objective has less to do about the physical aspects and more to do with the mental part. Especially at the Professional Level where bodybuilding is more than a hobby, its a means to a living.

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Walter is two weeks away from the IFBB contest. Thus far he has stuck to his training and diet, as far as we know. If you look at him he looks bigger and more cut. In the end it comes down to a judgement call, there are no guarantees. ;

The next report (and video) will be after the contest. Will he get his IFBB Pro Card? I don’t know. He says being on The Quest has Motivated him and kept his head in the game. I do know that this man from the ghetto is a lot tougher than he looks both mentally and physically. We are routing him on, hope you will too.

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