How To Look However The Hell You Want

How To Look However The Hell You Want

by Brad Branson

I’m no personal trainer, and have seen way too many times people freak out when you try to give gym/diet advice…

But I have been mentored by health and fitness experts, including one guy who has worked with Jay Cutler and the Navy SEALS (I hope those are good enough credentials to give advice, lol).

I’ve applied MY expertise, which is self development theory, dating and motivation, to the field of health and fitness.

The result is an epic rant about why you suck, and why you should hit the gym harder.  Haha.

Definitely makes sure to check out the end of this vid, I think it’s the realest I’ve ever gotten on camera:

I go further in depth into the health and fitness realm inside of The Lifestyle Academy, and have multiple interviews with some of MY health and fitness mentors, including the one guy who has worked with Jay Cutler, and the Navy SEALS!!

There’s also some cool threads inside The LSA Members Area too, as a few former alumni have their own health/fitness companies, and have helped other guys get their diets on point, and hit the gym more effectively.

You know, I’m really happy with how the community has developed inside The LSA…

You’ve got literally hundreds of guys now all holding each other accountable, even forming business partnerships, and creating that immersive environment where it literally feels NORMAL to be an overachiever and growing in every aspect of your life…

As always…



Re-posted with permission from RSD Nation.

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