Bad Guys Don’t Get Fat

There’s a big, fat misconception that you have to eat like a pig to get big.

Then, when you’re as big as a pig, you diet off the fat.


If you look at old pic of Arnold or Serge or Zane you can see that they were never fat.

They might have been poofy, they might have held water, they might have been a little smooth but they were never FAT. You could always see their lines and definition.

So if they were never fat did they know something that modern slobs don’t know?

Yes, they did. They knew that a lean body responds to stimuli much better than a fat body.

Lean body + exercise + hardcore supplements = drastic results.

Fat body + exercise + hardcore supplements = drastic side effects.

Bad Guy Bodybuilding Rule #1…

If bad guys got fat they wouldn’t be bad guys anymore, they’d be normal guys.

Normal guys don’t reap the rewards of having the physique of a statue, they sit around wondering what Becky sees in Billy Badass.

Here’s the battle cry of the bad guy…

Do what it takes.

Here’s the battle cry of the normal guy…

Complain, complain, complain but never change.

So back to the fat of the article…

If your goal is to look good with your shirt off you never get fat!

Fat is gross and there’s no reason to ever get fat, unless you want to call yourself a powerlifter (real powerlifters have numbers to prove it, not just love-handles).

If you want to be lean and big and stay that way there is only one way to do it…


So if you’re a fatass you need to be lean before you start eating to get big.

Bulking is what you do to cattle before sending them to slaughter.

Bodybuilders don’t bulk, they eat for a reason. Sometimes that reason is to get bigger, sometimes it’s to get leaner but it’s always according to the mirror.

Eating to see the scale move up is a recipe to get fat.


If you can’t take off your shirt any day of the year and hear people say “wow!” then you aren’t a bodybuilder, you’re just a fat guy.

So you don’t eat until you explode. You start lean, then you grow lean. When you start to get too fat you adjust calories or you add cardio.

How do you know if you’re too fat?

If you can’t see lines you are too fat. If you can’t see top four abdominals you are too fat.

Bodybuilding isn’t a game of who can eat the most and then diet hardest, it’s a game of looking the part every day.

So always start lean to get big.

Fat makes your body work worse. Your body works better when it’s lean.

Hardcore supplements were invented to put mass on people who were sickly or starving. They work on a lean body far better than they work on a fat body.

So if you can’t see at least the top four abs here is what you do…

You diet your fat ass down to acceptable levels.

What’s an acceptable level?

You can see abs and lines. Weight and body fat percentage are irrelevant.

When you take off your shirt in front of Becky at the beach she should say “wow!”.

That’s where your body fat needs to be – wow level.

Again, body fat percentage and weight ARE NOT RELEVANT.

They say bodybuilding is about illusion, it’s not about weight and body-fat %.

You get these fucking morons who tell you “you need to wait until you’re at least 200 lbs before you use harder supplements!

Those morons don’t know what they’re talking about. Each of you reading this are a different height.

I’m 6 feet tall and every time I’ve been over 200 lbs I’ve been FAT.

Here’s a picture of me. I’m exactly 6 feet tall. Guess how much I weigh….
When people ask me how much I weigh, I say “how much do you think I weigh?”.

They say “you weigh about 220, 225”.

I say “I’m 180 lbs“. 

Their eyes widen and they say “wtf? How are you gigantic? You look way bigger”.

I look big as fuck because you can see my muscles. On most people you cannot see any muscles under their layer of blubber.

If you chase the weight you’re going to get fat. The mirror is what matters!

When you look at boxers and UFC fighters at weigh-ins, when they’re lean, shredded and bulging with muscle.

Know what the guys in the picture above all have in common?

They all weigh exactly 145 lbs in those pictures.

Weight doesn’t matter, eyes matter! So get that damn fat off your body and look the part.

The Anti Fatass Diet

The anti fatass diet has been used extensively by me to get rid of the fat.
Here’s your diet if you’re too fat and you need get lean…

  • Meal 1: 1 cup oatmeal, 8-10 egg whites 
  • Meal 2: 10 oz Chicken breast, 8 oz Potatoes 
  • Meal 3: 1 cup oatmeal, 8-10 egg whites 
  • Meal 4: 10 oz Chicken breast, 8 oz Potatoes
  • Meal 5: 8-10 oz lean Beef, a lot of asparagus 

Diet Notes

  • You may substitute cooked egg whites for 1 container liquid egg whites – which you may drink.
  • Slice the chicken breast up into small pieces and cook in a pan with rice bran oil, season with sea salt and black pepper.
  • Slice the potato into quarter inch think ‘chips’ and fry with light oil, season with sea salt and black pepper.
  • Any other green veggies will work.
  • Enjoy.

The diet works because it’s low calorie. Follow that diet until the fat is gone. 

On Saturday afternoon you can eat any meal you like. But ONLY on Saturday afternoon. Then it’s right back to the grind.

You need to make sure and get all your meals in within a few hours of each other.

The danger of eating small meals is that when you miss a meal or wait too long to eat you get extremely hungry and you’re apt to overeat.

So don’t miss a meal, follow the plan as it’s laid out, hit the gym and lift 4 or more days per week.

When you’re getting lean, when the diet is going good, when you want go into overdrive and get nasty shredded and bulging at the seams, you add in…


You add in 2 caps daily Osta Shred to get nasty shredded, ripped and bulging. One cap in the morning, one cap in the evening.

When you’re ripped up and want to get big you add in…


I’ll tell you next time. You need to be lean before you play with the “get big” ingredients.

Your goal, until next time, get those damn abs showing.

Everyone knows dieting sucks. But so does being fat.

And if you don’t get lean you will never get to hear…..


-The Bad Guy

PS – Don’t forget the Osta Shred.

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