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You guys this might be the EASIEST recipe I’ve ever made.  Seriously. After a full week of meal prepping, I had a ton of leftover veggies that I wanted to use up so I thought why not roast them in a casserole dish and throw some eggs on top!  This dish is literally as simple as […]

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Ice cream.  My absolute favorite guilty pleasure. There’s literally nothing better than creamy delicious ice cream, but when it’s homemade, ohh is it just heavenly!  Ice cream is one of those desserts I try to eat sparingly (keyword here being “try”), but this recipe is one you can actually feel GOOD about eating!  Not only are […]

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Blueberry muffins. There is seriously nothing more comforting than a sweet fluffy blueberry muffin with your morning cup of coffee to start off the day and this recipe is legit a total winner!  These perfectly moist, lightly sweetened lemon blueberry muffins are made with almond flour, Greek yogurt and sweetened with a little honey (zero […]

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Note: This post first appeared on February 3, 2014.  It has been updated with bright new photos, but it’s still the same delicious EASY recipe! When it comes to meal planning for the week, THIS is my absolute favorite thing to make!  Salsa is extremely low in calories and is a great way to get […]

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Okay you guys, meal prep just got a whole lot tastier with these roasted veggies!  No seriously it did.  Broccoli and sweet potatoes are hands down my favorite thing to make when meal prepping for the week because they’re so easy to throw together and can be seasoned in so many different ways!  Now that the […]

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