Yogurt Container Bulge

Q: Typically my yogurt container bulges at prime despite the fact that it’s not previous its expiration date. Is it suitable for eating?

A: Expiration dates on packages assume the meals has been saved correctly. If the yogurt is a fruit-on-the-bottom kind, it could have been inadequately refrigerated, maybe on the grocery retailer or in transit, inflicting the fruit to ferment and launch gases. This could trigger the lid to bulge.

Fermented fruit shouldn’t be dangerous, however since you possibly can’t actually know what causes the swelling, it’s greatest to toss the yogurt. It might style “off,“ anyway.

Discard different swollen packages as nicely, equivalent to fruit juices, fruit packs, cheese, meat patties and particularly bulging cans; the final can harbor lethal Clostridium botulinum toxins, which aren’t destroyed by cooking.

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