Types of Figs

Figs are a nutritious, fiber-packed fruit prized all through historical past. Recent figs don’t preserve properly, making their season painfully brief. Nonetheless, the figs grown on this nation have staggered harvests, which makes them out there from June by September.

Right this moment there are a whole lot of sorts of figs,however solely about half a dozen varieties are grown commercially in america. Listed here are among the most generally out there sorts of figs.

Recent figs

Adriatic figs: This Mediterranean fig has a excessive sugar content material, making it a favourite for drying and utilizing in fig bars and fig pastes. The recent fig has gentle inexperienced pores and skin and pale pink flesh.

Black Mission figs: Named for the mission fathers who launched the fruit to California, the Black Mission has darkish purple pores and skin, which deepens to black when dried, and pink flesh.

Brown Turkey: This fig, with purplish pores and skin and pink flesh, is bought recent and dried.

Calimyrna figs: A big greenish-yellow fig when recent, the Calimyrna is the California model of the Smyrna (Cali + Myrna = Calimyrna). Of their dried kind, Calimyrnas have a scrumptious nutlike taste and tender, golden pores and skin, making them the most well-liked dried fig.

Kadota figs: The Kadota has greenish-yellow pores and skin and purple flesh and is virtually seedless, making it a favourite with individuals who make fig preserves. It dries to a light-weight golden colour.

Smyrna figs: This is similar fig because the Calimyrna. The one distinction is that the Calimyrna is grown in California and different Smyrnas aren’t.


Dried figs

As soon as they’re harvested, recent figs final solely a few week. As a consequence, about 90 % of the world’s fig harvest is dried. Regardless that dried figs shouldn’t have the feel of recent, they provide a dense dietary bundle. Most notably, they boast a powerful quantity of dietary fiber, over 9 grams in a serving of 4 figs. Dried figs are additionally supply of vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium, and antioxidant phytochemicals.

After all, ounce for ounce, dried figs are increased in energy than recent, and the majority of their energy—nearly 90 % of them—is derived from pure sugar. However they’re undoubtedly probably the greatest snacking and dessert meals out there.

All the fundamental fig varieties can be found dried, although the extra widespread sorts are Black Mission, Calimyrna, and Kadota. In specialty markets, you’ll be able to often discover what are known as string figs—Greek figs which have been dried and flattened into disks, then strung on an extended reed. In biblical occasions, these strings had been carried by vacationers as a transportable supply of vitality.

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