The Organic Health Halo

Does placing an natural label on a meals make the meals appear more healthy than it truly is? Apparently so, in keeping with a brand new research from Cornell College, printed within the journal Meals High quality and Choice. Natural meals have a wholesome picture generally. Individuals typically assume that if the meals are wholesome in a single side (comparable to for the atmosphere and farm staff), they’re virtuous in all methods—despite the fact that this isn’t the case. That is referred to as the “well being halo” impact.

Researchers recruited 115 individuals between the ages of 16 to 76 and had them style three pairs of meals (yogurt, potato chips and cookies). In every pair, one pattern was labeled “natural,” the opposite “common.” Members have been additionally capable of view the meals packages, half of which prominently carried natural seals. They then answered questions concerning the meals’ dietary and sensory attributes. All fairly simple. However right here’s the kicker: The meals in every pair have been truly the identical—all have been natural.

Thanks largely to the well being halo impact, the contributors ranked all of the “natural” meals as decrease in energy and fats and better in fiber than the “common” ones. The “natural” chips and cookies have been additionally rated as extra nutritious than the common ones. (“Natural” yogurt was not, although, presumably as a result of all yogurt is usually thought of wholesome.) Furthermore, the contributors have been prepared to pay 16 to 23 p.c extra for the meals labeled natural.

Do individuals suppose natural meals look and style higher? Sure, in some circumstances, however the outcomes weren’t constant. As an example, the “natural” chips have been thought of extra appetizing and the “natural” yogurt extra flavorful, in comparison with these meals with out the label. However, the “natural” cookies have been deemed much less tasty than the common cookies, presumably as a result of “customers maintain a deceptive, but widespread, view that almost all wholesome meals style unhealthy and most unhealthy meals style good,” the researchers famous.

A earlier research from the College of Michigan had comparable findings. Members thought that natural cookies had fewer energy and thus that they might eat extra of them.

Backside line: Don’t be influenced by the well being halo impact. The time period “natural” refers solely to the agricultural methodology, to not the vitamin or style of the meals. Natural meals—notably sweets and snacks—may be simply as sugary, fatty, salty and caloric as non-organic meals, or much more so. To know what you’re getting, all the time learn and examine vitamin labels.

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