Locking Your Knees

Q: What does it imply to “lock” your knees, and why do train trainers advise in opposition to it?

A: Locking your knees means placing them in full extension in order that your legs are fully straight. When doing calisthenics, lifting weights or utilizing train machines, locking your knees places most stress on the joint, growing your danger for damage. Equally, totally flexing your knees, as in deep squats, will increase stress and may trigger ache or damage. Even sitting for lengthy intervals—particularly together with your knees bent at 90° or extra—can stress the knee joint. Knees want to maneuver.

Attempt to keep away from the locked-knee place when lifting weights, biking (as an example, in case your seat is just too excessive) or doing any exercise that places further weight in your knees. When understanding on the health club or in an train class, ask a coach to judge your method.

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