Figs: Cooking Tips and Recipe Ideas

Contemporary figs don’t hold properly, so they need to be packed rigorously and be in good situation when displayed out there. Coloration differs with selection, however wholesome figs will all the time have a wealthy coloration. Ripe Mission figs, for instance, will probably be practically black.

Search for shapely, plump figs with unbruised, unbroken skins and a gentle perfume (a bitter scent signifies spoilage). They need to be simply delicate to the contact, however not mushy. If the figs appear considerably shriveled, as if they’re starting to dry, they are going to be significantly candy. Dimension just isn’t an indicator of high quality, however you’ll most likely wish to select uniformly sized fruits in case you are planning to serve them as particular person parts for dessert.

Tips on how to retailer figs

To ripen barely underripe figs, place them on a plate at room temperature, away from daylight, and switch them incessantly. Preserve ripe recent figs within the fridge. Dried figs might be saved at cool room temperature or within the fridge. Simply ensure that they’re well-wrapped after opening in order that they don’t grow to be too dry and onerous.

Tips on how to use figs

Wash recent figs and take away the onerous portion of the stem finish. Halve or quarter the fruit. Thick-skinned Calimyrna figs are often peeled, however Mission figs have skinny, edible skins and don’t should be peeled.

Earlier than making ready dried figs for cooking, place them within the freezer for an hour to make them simpler to slice. When chopping dried figs, dip the knife into scorching water sometimes, to forestall the fruit from sticking to it. Earlier than utilizing chopped figs in batters, toss the items with a bit of flour to maintain them from sinking to the underside. In case you like dried figs plumped, simmer them in boiling water, wine, or fruit juice for 2 minutes. Add a drop of almond extract if desired.

9 fig recipe concepts

  1. Serve quartered recent figs with a dollop of flippantly sweetened ricotta cheese.
  2. Stir chopped dried figs into peanut butter or cream cheese for a sandwich unfold.
  3. Add chopped dried figs to grain dishes.
  4. Make a salad of thinly sliced recent figs, crumbled feta cheese, and lettuce, and gown with olive oil and lemon juice.
  5. Roast sliced recent figs with sliced candy potatoes and pink onions tossed in a bit of olive oil.
  6. Use chopped dried figs rather than raisins.
  7. Skewer chunks of recent figs and grill. Serve with sweetened yogurt.
  8. Poach entire dried figs in pink wine and function a condiment with roast poultry or pork.
  9. Slice figs and put them on a cheddar cheese sandwich. In case you’re feeling decadent, contemplate broiling the cheese on toast first for a grilled fig-cheese lunch.
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