Figs: Ancient, Sweet, Nutritious

One of many earliest meals to be cultivated, figs had been prized as early as 2900 BCE for his or her medicinal worth. They had been additionally reputed to have been Cleopatra’s favourite fruit and a coaching meals for Olympic athletes in historical Greece. And the place would prudish artists have been with out the fig leaf? Fig bushes had been launched to California within the 18th century by Spanish missionaries. To today, California stays the best fig rising state.

Characterised by their candy taste and comfortable texture, figs include a pliable pores and skin enclosing a candy, fleshy inside stuffed with edible seeds. Curiously, although most individuals consider the fig as a fruit, in actuality it’s a flower inverted into itself, with the blossom being the within of the fruit, and the seeds being drupes, the “actual” fruit.

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