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Cool Hands

Q: Is it true that cooling your palms could make exercising simpler?

A: Probably. Some individuals keep away from train as a result of they don’t like getting scorching and sweaty. Should you’re very chubby, you’re extra more likely to get overheated as a result of you will have extra adipose (fats) tissue, which acts as an insulator.

Any approach to preserve cool whereas figuring out has attraction. Palms assist regulate physique temperature. With their comparatively giant floor space and intensive provide of blood vessels, they dissipate warmth when core temperature rises (canines’ tongues and rabbits’ ears carry out comparable features).

So it’s not shocking that a number of research have proven that cooling your palms earlier than, throughout, or after exercises helps improve warmth dissipation. For instance, in a small examine from Stanford College, overweight ladies labored out whereas utilizing a particular machine that cooled their palms. They had been extra more likely to keep on with the exercises over three months than a management group, presumably as a result of they had been extra snug.

In different small research, hand cooling decreased core physique temperature and perceived exertion whereas exercising within the warmth, and likewise improved athletic efficiency.

Nonetheless, there are lots of unanswered questions, corresponding to when and the way lengthy it is best to do it and at what temperature. Furthermore, some analysis has not discovered advantages.

And overdoing it or utilizing water that’s too chilly might trigger blood vessels within the hand to constrict, which may forestall warmth dissipation.

Should you are inclined to get very overheated while you train, cooling your palms could also be value a strive. You possibly can carry a bottle of chilly water in every hand. Alternatively, strive immersing your palms in cool water (50° to 60°F) for 10 minutes earlier than you train.

Or, if possible, you’ll be able to put your palms in chilly water throughout breaks in your exercise. There are additionally particular palm wraps (corresponding to Cool Level and BEX Runner), that are gel packs that you just freeze earlier than utilizing.