Can One Big Meal Kill You?

You often watch your food plan, however it’s a vacation get together—and you like the vacations. The array of wealthy appetizers, hearty meats, starchy facet dishes, and decadent desserts you’re consuming have extra energy and fats than you sometimes eat in a whole day. Plus, you had pancakes and bacon for breakfast (you had been not pondering!).

Positive, over the lengthy haul it’s harmful to eat like this, however one splurge received’t damage, will it? Properly, it’d. One massive fatty meal can have a wide range of rapid adversarial results, that are most dangerous if you have already got coronary heart illness or danger elements for it.

Troubles from super-size meals

Stiffer arteries, lowered blood circulate. Giant high-fat meals can impair the flexibility of blood vessels to dilate or broaden when vital. That helps clarify why individuals who have heart problems and who eat a big meal after which train typically get angina or perhaps a coronary heart assault. Digesting any sort of massive meal additionally causes your coronary heart fee to extend due to the elevated calls for from the digestive tract.

Increased blood stress. A big meal can set off the discharge of norepinephrine, a stress hormone that may increase blood stress and coronary heart fee.

Excessive triglycerides. Any meal will increase ranges of those fat within the blood, however after a big meal, particularly one wealthy in fats or refined carbohydrates, ranges rise essentially the most and might stay elevated for six to 12 hours. Accompany the meals with alcohol, and triglycerides will rise much more.

Blood sugar. When you’ve got diabetes, a big meal can impair your physique’s capacity to course of glucose.

Heartburn. If you’re susceptible to heartburn, the bigger the meal, the extra gastric reflux you’re more likely to have.

Antidotes to gluttony?

Years in the past, a small research discovered that taking excessive doses of vitamin C and E proper earlier than a high-fat meal helped preserve arterial blood circulate. However it has by no means been proven that these or every other antioxidants can defend your coronary heart within the brief time period or long run. One other small research discovered that when younger wholesome individuals walked briskly for 45 minutes after consuming a big fatty meal (nearly 1,000 energy), the train helped restore their arteries’ capacity to dilate.

Nonetheless, train received’t cancel out all of the dangerous results of overeating. As well as, the identical results might not happen in older or much less wholesome individuals; for them, train after a heavy meal might first trigger issues.

Backside line: When you’re wholesome, overindulging often shouldn’t be an issue. However when you have undesirable levels of cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes or preexisting coronary heart illness, or if you’re very obese or smoke, going overboard is a foul thought—even on a nationally sanctioned overeating day.

At events and household gatherings, don’t arrive ravenous, and don’t hover close to the buffet. Eat slowly, because it takes time in your physique to sign your mind that you just’re full. Eat plenty of filling meals with a excessive water content material, reminiscent of salads, soups, vegatables and fruits. And it may well’t damage to take that after-dinner stroll.

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