Are Knock Knees a Problem?

Q: Are knock knees an issue for train?

A: They are often. People who find themselves very knock-kneed are at elevated threat for a wide range of accidents when operating or doing different high-impact train or actions. Many individuals are considerably knock-kneed, and relying on the severity, this may put added pressure on the hips, knees, decrease legs, ankles, and toes. In runners, being knock-kneed could make their toes roll inward an excessive amount of (overpronate).

To see if you’re knock-kneed, stand straight along with your toes hip-width aside and look in a mirror: In case your kneecaps flip inward and usually are not aligned with the middle of your toes, you might have some extent of knock knee.

If in case you have knock knees (or, in distinction, are bowlegged) and are fascinated by operating or beginning one other high-impact exercise, speak to a health care provider or bodily therapist. You might want orthotic inserts to your sneakers or a particular train program. You might be suggested to keep away from high-impact train altogether. If that’s the case, biking, strolling, and swimming are safer options.

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