You Gotta Love Those Lunges

images (2)When it comes to the most popular strength training moves and positions, the squat is often the belle of the ball because it’s such a common stance for so many of the best weight liftingmoves. But if the squat is the gold standard for strength training moves, the lunge is definitely the sterling silver. And as we all know, many people actually prefer silver to gold. Lunges are fantastic for so many reasons; they can be done in so many different ways and the many benefits of doing lunges are the kind of results that we all want to see – results that are dramatic and which show up quickly. It’s important that you master the proper way to do a basic lunge and then you can expand and begin to do all sorts of lunges.


One of the most important factors in doing a proper lunge is to make sure your knees are always safe and in the proper positions. Injuries that occur when people do lunges are often with the knees, and usually because people over-extend and push too hard. For a basic lunge you begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your torso straight and facing front and step forward with your front leg. Bend both knees as you step forward, bending both knees at about a 90-degree angle. Be sure to keep your front knee even with your foot and directly above your ankle, don’t bend it beyond there. Keep your back knee from touching the floor. Your weight should be in your heels not forward on your toes as you push back up to stand with your legs together. In addition to basic lunges you can do reverse lunges where you step backward and even walking lunges that challenge you to walk while lunging.

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