Yoga Balls for Upper Body Strength

yoga ballThere are many strength training tools to help gain upper body strength, especially in the arms. Yoga balls can be an important tool to use in order to build this strength up and can be used to exercise a variety of areas. This particular exercise is designed to target the arms but will also strengthen the chest and shoulder region. The exercise is not for beginners and will take time to develop the muscles to do the exercise properly.


Anytime you start a new exercise routine, you should consult your doctor to ensure your body is physically able to complete the task and modify the workout as needed.

Equipment Needed

A large yoga ball.

How To

First, warm-up as you normally would. Next, place your feet on the ball, facing the ground in a push-up position. Place your hands flat on the ground even with your shoulders. Proceed to do a push up from this position in sets of ten.

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