Workout Partners – The Power of Two


You’re lifting to get strong, and for this you need aspotter and motivator wrapped into one. You can choose to go the personal trainer route. Hiring a personal trainer is a great investment if you have the money to do so, especially when you first begin working out or are coming back from an injury. You can also find an equally motivated workout buddy to achieve the same benefits of a trainer. Assuming you’re not a weirdo, this should be free.

A Spotter Makes You Stronger, Quicker

Just when you think you can’t finish one more last rep, your spotter gives you a light assist and you bust out 3 more reps. Certain points in that exercise’s movement your muscles weren’t quite ready, but other parts of the movement they were thirsty for more. Where the assist was needed, you still gained the vast majority of the lift’s benefit and exhausted the muscle more than you could have on your own.

Positive Motivation Does the Body Good

Even if you’re not working out the same weights, make each exercise into a competition.  (Small disclaimer on this – Males may find turning workouts into competitions more motivating than females) Alternately, encouragement and positive feedback works wonders. This is what trainers are especially good at. Try to bring this attitude each day to push your workout buddy to the next level, and encourage your effort to be reciprocated. This will help you both achieve your strength goals faster.

Finding someone to workout with regularly may be challenging if you don’t currently have friends who work out on schedule similar to yours. There’s always one good way to find one – talk about it at work. If you’re lucky enough to have a regular shift, find someone on your shift who hits the gym after work, or who would like to start. A lot of people just need that other person to push them to go to the gym and they would. Whether they perceive it as shared torture, someone to hold them accountable, or simply someone to hang out with for an hour, be that person.

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