Will Wearable Weights Make You Stronger?

images (1)The concept of wearable weights is certainly simple enough – If lifting weights is a great way to strength train, then wearing them around all day has got to be the perfect way to get a whole lot stronger even faster, right? Yeah, not so much. Even though it may seem like a brilliant idea to wear strap-on weights around your arms, legs and waist as you go through your daily routine, might be a sure and fast way to injure yourself and end up not being able to work out at all. If you want to burn some extra calories and get in some extra strength training, you’re much better off adding some time to your cardio and a few reps to yourweightlifting routine than strapping on these body weights.


Wearable weights are usually several very small weights that are placed inside nylon sleeves that are most often worn around your forearms and your calves. Each of the sleeves can add around a pound of weight or all the way up to 3 or 5 pounds. Think about that, most people are looking to DROP 20 extra pounds that they’re carrying around all day, not add it to their bodies. And even though these wearable weights might help you burn a little extra fat in the course of the day, they’re just as liable to leave you injured when you go to do an average everyday activity and strain a muscle. Skip the wearable weights and leave the weightlifting to your normal strength training routine.

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