Wide Arm Pushups

The pushup is a staple exercise which has practically been around since the dawn of time. A correctly performed pushup will help to tone your entire upper body – that means pecs, tris, lats, and even your hands. Pushups can be performed in just about any setting and require nothing other than a bit of space for movement. Perhaps the greatest aspect of pushups is their versatility – to put it in terms of a cheat-day metaphor, pushups are the potato chip of the exercise world – a million different preparations, yet almost all of them do the trick equally well.


Today we’re looking at the wide arm pushup. Like most variations of pushup, the wide arm pushup alters pushup form in order to isolate certain muscle groups and work them a bit harder than the rest. In the case of the wide arm pushup, the chest and shoulders are made to work a bitmore. Additionally, if done correctly wide arm pushups will also put greater focus on your deltoids. The good news? All it takes to do a wide arm pushup is tweak your form slightly!

Wide Arm Pushup Directions

Begin in a plank position – from your heels to the tip of your head, you entire body should be in one plane.

Your hands should be directly beneath your shoulders – but now, take each of your hands a few inches wider.

Lower your upper body until your arms are bent at a 90 degree angle.

Now push back up.

Feel a bit different than a regular pushup? We thought so. Aim for about three quarters the amount of reps that you’d usually expect yourself to be capable of when doing traditional pushups – these wide arm ones are a bit harder for most people.

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