Why Strength Training?

why-strength-trainingWhen it comes to working out, everyone has certain goals. While many that wish to lose weight or become toned may not think of strength training as the fastest way to accomplish these goals, it is actually one of the best ways to do accomplish both. Strength training can also help with a variety of other health and fitness goals.

Makes You Stronger

The obvious benefit of strength training is that it will help you to get stronger faster than other types of workouts. This will help to make many things in life easier. From carrying children or groceries to getting jobs lifting heavy items or body building, strength  training can help anyone to get through the menial tasks faster and may even open up new possibilities.

Makes You More Toned

Strength training is one of the most effective ways to turn fat into muscle. When fat turns into muscle, your body looks stronger and leaner. Muscle weighs more than fat, so depending on your body type, you may lose or gain weight from strength training. However, it will be easier to lose fat when there is a solid base of muscle, so it will be easier to maintain an ideal weight.

Makes You Healthier

Strength training can help with many aspects of health. Strength training improves circulation, which can help to reduce or avoid complications with blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and bone and muscle loss. Strength training can also help to reduce stress, which can improve mental functions and reduce the risks of many associated health conditions. The strenuous exercise involved in strength training may also help to relieve insomnia and make for better nights of sleep.

Faster Than Other Workouts

For those that feel they don’t have enough time to exercise, strength training is a great solution. 20-30 minutes of strength training can burn more calories and have higher benefits than longer sessions of other types of workouts. Strength training can benefit nearly anyone, regardless of background or limitations.

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