What is Strength Training?

what-is-strength-trainingWhen you are beginning to work out or attend a gym or fitness classes, there are a lot of different terms that get bandied about. Strength training is one that is used a lot. Strength training may sound like preparation to compete in a challenge, which can seem intimidating and even irrelevant. On the opposite end, strength training may sound like a fancy thing to call a workout. Strength training is actually just any exercising that is done with the ultimate goal of increasing strength.

Types of Strength

There are two main types of strength that can be increased, relative strength and absolute strength. Increasing relative strength is done by increasing strength while controlling caloric intake so that body weight and mass are not increased. Increasing absolute strength is done by increasing strength to the highest degree possible, regardless of body mass and weight. These goals will help to dictate what type of strength training will be best for achieving goals.

Strength Training Exercises

You can use weights, machines, or calisthenics for strength training. Weights and machines are better for increasing absolute strength, because you can increase the weight load as much as desired. Calisthenics are best for increasing relative strength, as the amount of weight that is used for the exercises is limited to the weight of the body. However, the three can be used interchangeably to increase both types of strength using certain exercises.

Achieving Goals

While the exercises that are done for strength training have bearing on whether body mass and weight are gained or not, the diet has a greater impact. To increase absolute strength, fitness connoisseurs should consume more calories than are burned per day. Proteins and carbohydrates will help the body to build muscle efficiently. To increase relative strength, fitness connoisseurs should keep caloric intake as close to caloric output as possible, consuming higher quantities of proteins and vegetables and limiting carbohydrates.

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