Weights 101

images (1)People who are just getting started with weight training need to be aware of a few tips and regulations so that they’re being safe at all times and don’t end up injured. Lifting weights that are too light will result in a workout that isn’t earning you all that it can, which can be a frustrating waste of time. And lifting weights that are too heavy can result in a pulled muscle or another injury that can take you out of the game for a long time.



It may take a little while of working out to determine how much weight feels right to you. You want to err on the side of caution in the beginning and lift weights that feel a bit light while you’re learning the ropes. Work with a trainer or professional to learn the proper form if you are new to lifting weights. Proper form is what will keep you from hurting yourself. Once you learn how much weight is right for you, you can purchase some weights to work with at home.


Establishing a Routine

Once you get going in a weightlifting routine, remember that you want to lift enough weight and do enough reps to challenge yourself but not to hurt yourself. If you can’t finish the recommended amount of reps for each exercise you’re likely lifting too much weight, but if you feel like you could do a few morereps after you complete your reps you’re likely not lifting enough weight. You want to feel as though you can just make it to the end of the reps. You should be struggling a bit and very glad to see the end of that set of reps.

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