Weight Training for Overall Health

There are two schools of thought on lifting weights. The first school insists on heavy weights and low repetitions. This is designed to build mass — bodybuilding style looks. The second school of thought is lower weight but higher repetitions; this will not only build mass but also burn fat.

Working with smaller weights and higher repetitions burns fat because the body is having to work extra-hard for a longer time. Just like a runner training to run marathons who run long distances, burning fat while working out requires you to work longer times. 

Lifting a 200lb bench press for eight to ten repetitions is a good thing, but divide that weight in half to 100lbs and increase the repetitions to 18 to 20. Now you are not only building muscle but your body is becoming leaner, building stamina and increasing overall health.

This is not to say you should not on occasion try to lift heavy; in fact, lifting heavy on workout days is a good idea as it will help you determine your best weights for working out.

Remember: go slowly to begin; ask for help if you do not understand something; stretch well before and after your workout; drink plenty of fluids. You will see results in no time.

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