Water Exercises Help You Build Strength

pike-scullWater exercises are often thought of as easy, low impact exercises that are great for beginners but do not provide much challenge. While water does provide a barrier that cushions the joints and makes water exercises ideal for rehabilitation and beginners, water also provides a ton of resistance that can help to strengthen muscles and burn fat fast. The following are a few strength building water exercises that help you get in shape without all of the sweat.

 Spiderman Climbs

Water provides you with the unique ability to defy gravity during your workouts. Climb the side of the pool by holding yourself in place near the side using a back and forth motion of the arms. Walk or run up the side of the pool, and then walk or run back down. Do this several times to work the core, arms, and legs.

One-Legged Balance

While this exercise helps to improve balance, it also works the core and leg muscles. To begin, grab a pool noodle and move to the shallower side of the pool. Step on the center of the pool noodle so that the sides float up and make a “U” shape. Bring your knee up so that your thigh is parallel with the pool bottom and your calf is perpendicular. Balance for about a minute, then switch legs.

Pike Scull

This exercise is fun and doesn’t require equipment. Simply stand in the shallow end of the pool and simultaneously sit back into the water and bring your legs up so that your body forms a “V” shape. Tread water with your hands to maintain the position. Slowly begin moving yourself forward by making small circles in the water with your hands, maintaining the “V” position and “sculling” down the length of the pool.

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