Using the Resistance Band to Complete Chest Presses During Weight Training

rp_stamina-1399-air-rower-machine.jpgUsing a resistance band is a great way for women and men to perform controlled, low impact weight training exercises. This is an ideal starting point for beginners that need to work the upper body and want to customize the amount of time and strength they put into each repetition. Like other weight training moves, you should always warm up before beginning the strength moves which will focus on the muscles in your arms.

Position yourself with your back to a table or other upright structure that is stable and can support the resistance band. Wrap your band around a leg of the table and hold the band by the handles in your hands. Tug on the band to make sure that there is a good amount of resistance and move the band up or down to increase or decrease the strength needed depending on your own strength. Begin with your arms next to your armpit, palms facing out and use your chest and arm muscles to reach forward till your arms are entirely outstretched. Repeat this weight training move ten times before breaking and resting the muscles.
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