Using Resistance Bands for Strength Training


Resistance bands are often thought of as the “easier” alternative to free weights, with many serious workout enthusiasts picturing older ladies and beginners using the bands. This picture couldn’t be farther from the truth, as resistance bands can be just as effective as free weights, and even more effective at times, Resistance bands provide consistent resistance throughout the workout, whereas free weights are non-functional at certain times because of the way the weights interact with gravity. Resistance bands are also easy to bring along on vacations and business trips, so you can work out no matter where you are.

Crossover Arm Workout

To use a resistance band for crossovers, thread the band behind a stationary pole or other stable object. Walk forward until there is a little resistance on the bands when your arms are raised to the sides with palms forward. Keeping your arms straight, bring the bands across your chest. Release and repeat for several reps.

Lower Back Workout

Stand on the band and bend forward with the hands clasped behind the neck to assume the starting position. Stand up straight while keeping the knees slightly bent and the hands behind the neck to give the back a complete stretch. Resume the starting position and repeat several times.

Weighted Sit-Ups

This exercise works best with a decline bench, but can be done without one. To use a decline bench, wrap the band around the post of the decline bench and hold the hold the hands near the chest as you perform decline sit-ups to add resistance. To do weighted sit-ups without a decline bench, wrap the band around a stationary pole or other stable object and face away from the object. Perform sit-ups while hold your hands by your head.

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