Upper Body Strength

A lean and strong upper body is desired by a lot of people, especially men. While intense weightliftingsessions can bring the results you are looking for, it isn’t the only way you can achieve that masculine physique. There are actually various exercises and steps you can perform to give you a strong full body workout. However, you should be prepared to invest both time, effort and, of course, discipline into this regimen. Remember, strengthening your upper body is not something that is accomplished within a mere week or so. It is something that you will have to work on and maintain for long-term.

Begin your pursuit for that upper body power by performing push-ups regularly. Push-ups are one of the fundamental exercises in any program. It targets your triceps as well as your chest area. Estimate first the number of push-ups you can perform comfortably in a single interval and then perform that number every morning for a week. During your second week, improve the amount you do by at least five, but maintain the same number of sets you accomplish. Every week, make sure you continue to increase the amount of push-ups you perform in every set in order to avoid encountering a plateau.
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