Upper Body: Building muscle and burning fat

rp_arched-back-pull-up.jpgOne of the key goals of many people entering a healthy lifestyle is loosing unwanted fat. For many people jumping into upper bodyexercises and conditioning is their first step. However with so many exercises, techniques, and styles it can be easy to get lost, and overwhelmed in the early stages of adapting an active and healthy lifestyle.

One of the simplest and most effect upper body workouts is the lateral raise. One of the key benefits that this workout holds over others is its ability to work multiple upper body muscle groups while doing one simple motion. The user grabs two weights and grips them firmly in each hand. With hands at the users sides they slowly raise their arms until they are even with their shoulders. They then hold the weight for three seconds and slowly lower it back down.By doing these you build your shoulders, traps, lats, triceps, and bicep. All key muscles that need to be worked to maintain and build a healthy body. By doing these you ensure that you are building musclegroups that will help you progress further into a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.
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