Upper Back Strengthening

Dumbbell row


As a general rule, it’s easiest to get up the motivation to strengthen the muscles that we can see. Muscles like the quads and pectorals are likely targets for strengthening because we can see progress as well as feel it. But any trainer will tell you that strength training isn’t complete without balance. Although you won’t be able to easily check out your progress towards a ripped upper back (at least not without the assistance of a few mirrors), other people will. Plus, without proper upper back strength to match the strength found in other areas of your body, you’ll set yourself up for an injury. So here’s a great exercises that effectively works most of the upper back muscles.

Dumbbell Row Back Exercise

-You’ll need dumbbells for this exercise. In a pinch, you could use heavy books or water jugs and just domore reps.

-Start with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and dumbbells hanging loosely in your hands.

– Bend your knees and lean forward so that your head is forward from your feet and your back and neck are straight and at a 45 degree angle to the ground. Make sure to not arch the back, as this can increase your risk of injury.

-Now gripping the dumbbells with your knuckles facing downwards pull the weights in toward your stomach.

-Slowly lower them back down towards their original hang-arm position, but without letting your arms go completely slack, thus keeping your back and core muscles engaged.

-Aim for three sets of about 12 reps each. Start with an easy amount of weight until you’ve got the technique down.

-If you’re doing it right, you should really feel a burn in your upper back during the last few reps of each set. This is a good thing!

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