Types of Strength Training Exercises

types-strength-trainingThere are many different ways to strength train, but there are three main types of exercises that are most often done to build strength. The best type of strength training exercise for an individual may vary depending on the goals of the individual. For example, gymnasts or climbers may not wish to gain weight and may limit the strength that is gained to avoid this, while body builders may wish to gain as much strength as possible regardless of weight gain.

Machine Strength Training

Machines balance weight for you and place you in a certain position. This can be effective if just one specific area is being targeted. This may be ineffective for strength training several areas of the body at once, though. Machines are also easier to use, which is not as valuable in strength training. Machines may be better for those that do not wish to gain weight while strength training, as they do not cause all areas of the body to receive exercise simultaneously.

Free Weight Training

Exercising with free weights is often the fastest way to strength train. To begin exercising with free weights, start off with lighter weights and work up to heavier weights. Focus on technique to sculpt muscles and build strength most effectively. It may be best to start with barbells and move up to a bar, then add weight as lifting becomes easier.

Body Weight Training

There are many different exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and dips that utilize the weight of the body to build strength. These exercises can be very effective for strength training and can eliminate the need to spend extra money on equipment. Body weight should not be underestimated, however, as injuries can still occur if positioning is incorrect. It can also be difficult to use body weight at first if there is not adequate strength. Over time, using body weight to work out may become easier.

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