Triceps Front Raise for Strength

Triceps Front Raise


Today we’re going to give the triceps some much-deserved attention. Strong triceps help you in many practical ways on a daily basis. Don’t know much about the triceps or think that they help you with daily tasks? Perform this exercise as outlined and we guarantee three things: Your body will inform you of exactly where the triceps are, when they’re being engaged, and you’ll get stronger. So get to it! And be sure to start off with a low amount of weight and slowly work your way up. Otherwise, you risk injury!

How to do a Triceps Front Raise

This exercise is most effective when performed slowly. Since it can be difficult to pace yourself when working out, have “slow” in the forefront of your mind before you even get started.

Now sit down on a yoga ball if you have one, or chair if not. A yoga ball will cause you to stabilize morewith your core, but it’s not essential to this exercise.

Grasp dumbbells in both hands, palms facing towards the center of your body.

With your elbows bent slightly, raise your arms up to shoulder height.

Now bring your arms up so that they’re directly over your head.

Bend your arms at the elbows, letting your hands come down behind your head until your arms are at right angles.

Now slowly perform the motion in reverse, bring your arms back to straight upright position, and then down in front of you. You should feel engagement through the back of the arm as well as the shoulder.

Shoot for 1-3 sets of around 15 reps.

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