Tricep Extensions Build Stability and Strength

Increasing upper-body strength doesn’t just eliminate the arm flab most women find unappealing, but it benefits the entire body. The lower half of the body receives stimulation from simply walking, but the upper body must be exercised to increase stability, provide better posture and enhance balance. Exercising the upper body through a tricep extension exercise will offer an excellent low impact workout for the upper body, which can decrease the risk of other exercise related injuries.

Using a bench for stability, begin with a free weight in the right hand. Place the left hand palm down and rest the left leg on the bench, bending over. With the weight in hand, bend the elbow, keeping the upper arm close to the body. Extend the arm, elevating it alongside the body. Hold the position for three seconds. Release and return the arm to the beginning position. Continue for ten repetitions. Change positions, working the left arm. Repeat each side for three sets.Beginners should allow for two days between strength-training exercises, while others should strength train every other day. Continuous training can lead to strained muscles and a loss of exercise impact. Strength training, especially upper-body workouts should be a part of every exercise program for total body fitness.
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