Training Exercise for Fast Twitch Muscles


If you’re going to develop toned muscles, it’s good to be familiar with them conceptually before you make the world familiar with them visually. As you may know, your muscles are attached to your bones. They cause your limbs to move by contracting – this lessens their length. There are two basic types of muscles – slow twitch muscles and fast twitch muscles. As you may have guessed, their names describe their contraction speed.

Slow twitch muscles can perform a greater number of contractions before getting tired. But fast twitch muscles can perform contractions faster, albeit for not as long. It’s important to develop both your fast and slow twitch muscles. But if you’re looking to develop more explosiveness and power, fast twitch muscles will need to be worked. Squat jumps will help you become better at reacting quickly, and strengthen your fast twitch muscles.

Squat Jumps For Fast Twitch Strengthening

Prior to performing this exercise, be sure that you’re on a rubber floor at a gym or a soft grass surface, and that you’re wearing supportive athletic shoes.

Squat down and lean forward until your heels just begin to come off of the ground.

Now gather your strength and then jump forward and up, using your legs to propel yourself and your arms to carry your momentum through and keep your balance.

Make sure that you land on balls of your feet, and in the same motion drop down into a squat again.

Aim for around 10 to 15 reps. Make sure that you take small jumps – be more concerned about the height and form of your jump when doing this exercise, not distance covered.

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