These 3 Yard Chores Can Build Your Strength Quickly

It’s the time of year when many of us will be getting out the rakes and shovels and cleaning up the yard. Fortunately, cleaning up the yard can help you build more than a beautiful landscape – it can also help you build some big, beautiful muscles. Instead of paying for a shiny new gym membership this spring, go out into the yard and soak up some sun while you get your exercise.

Raking Leaves and Debris


To allow your grass to grow and to clear space for your garden, you’ve got to get rid of the leaves and debris that have littered the ground all winter. Raking this mess out of the tangles of dead grass can be a serious workout for your arms, back, and core. Be sure to do a few warm-ups before getting started so that you don’t pull anything. Take a break every half hour or so and do stretches so that you don’t cramp up from bending over.

Turning Over Soil

turning soil

Turning soil is a full-body exercise that can raise your heart rate and build the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, calves, thighs, back, and core. Instead of renting a rototiller, dig into the soil and turn it yourself so that you get the gains without the need to set aside the time for a traditional workout. When digging into the soil, be careful to use controlled movements, rather than relying on momentum. This will allow you to get the best workout and will protect you from injuries if you hit a rock.

Cutting Up Sticks and Branches

cutting branches

The sticks and branches that you pull out of the yard need to be cut up to be removed. The chopping part can give you a great upper body workout. Your chest, shoulders, and arms will benefit from swinging an axe or using clippers. It is a satisfying experience when your yard and you both get in shape together.

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