These 3 Foods Will Get You Jacked by Summer

If you are trying to get lean and jacked by the summertime, your diet could probably use an overhaul. You know that working out will help you build the muscle that you want, but diet is also essential to reaching your goals and supporting both weight loss and muscle gains. The following are a few foods that will feed your muscles and help you on your way to sporting guns when swim season hits.

Egg Whites

egg whites

Egg whites help you build lean muscle quickly. If you scramble up 10-12 egg whites every morning, it will provide you with about 180 calories and 32 grams of protein to start your day. This will give you what you need to build muscle without the added calories and junk that will add fat to your body. Add in some greens veggies to further up the ante on your morning nutritional intake.

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