The Ever Versatile Push-up

 Ever since I was seventeen, about twelve years ago, I have been looking for the best possible workouts that will help keep me in tip-top shape,and I have concluded that out of all upper body workouts, there isn’t one better than the push-up. Now of course a lot of workout gurus will call this nonsense and say that all you need to get a sculpted chest is a dosage of protein and the bench press, so let me tell you why I think the Push-up is the best.

The reason for this is that the push-up utilizes not just a specific muscle to lift your body off the ground, but various muscles to stabilize your body such as your shoulders, triceps, back,and abs. try this: get down in push-up position and just hold it for thirty seconds… exactly. the push-up essentially uses more calories because the range of muscles used is much wider than that of isolated workouts like the bench press, meaning it works out more muscles per rep.
Another reason is because the Push-up is so versatile. There is an unlimited number of different styles which can work specifically isolate certain muscles or groups of muscles.
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