The Benefits of Weightlifting Gloves



We’ve all seen someone at the gym wearing workout gloves. Whether it’s the hardcore power-lifter, or the girl toning up, they are among us. Some people won’t go to the gym without their weightlifting gloves; others feel they get in the way. If you’ve ever considered wearing a pair, there are numerous advantages to using workout gloves for different exercises.

Improved Grip

The number one advantage to wearing weightlifting gloves is improved grip. Hands get sweaty and slip during a workout. Often times your muscles are stronger than your grip, especially your sweaty grip, and strapping on a pair of gloves ensures you push your muscles to their maximum, not your grasping strength. Gloves improve your grip primarily during pulling exercises. These include most back and shoulder exercises: lat pull downs, shrugs, pull-ups, etc.

Wrist Support

Most weightlifting gloves wrap around your wrists for added support. The gloves simulate extra tendons and ligaments as the wrist bends. This additional wrist support is gained mainly on pushing exercises, such as bench pressing, curling, tricep extensions, etc.

Preventing Calluses

A more… superficial reason to add weight lifting gloves to your workout, but a reason nonetheless, is to prevent calluses. Lifting weights regularly, you will develop calluses. This is something which many gals try to avoid, and it often deters them from lifting weights. Some guys try to avoid getting severe calluses, but this is primarily an advantage for the ladies. Instead of shying away from weights, throw on a pair of gloves and kiss that hard and rough textured handshake goodbye!

Your muscles are stronger than your grip, by adding weightlifting gloves to your workout you will increase the amount of weight you can lift as well as the number of reps you can complete. The gloves can help reduce or relieve the pressure on your hands when lifting heavy weights, allowing you to pump more iron than your hands would otherwise limit you to.


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