The 3 Reasons Stairs Will Help You Live Longer

Stair climbing may seem like a simple exercise that many of us are forced into when we have stairs at our homes and workplaces, but did you know that regular stair climbing may actually help you live longer? In fact, stair climbing has been identified as more impactful to longevity that some more strenuous exercises. Stair climbing is often singled out with walking as a simple way to get started on exercise for beginners that don’t regularly hit the gym, but in fact it is much more effective than walking.

Raises Heart Rate

heart rate stairs

When we climb stairs, it naturally raises our heart rate. Elevating the heart rate daily automatically helps to burn a greater number of calories even after the exercise is over, which can be helpful in controlling weight. Raising the heart rate also gets the blood flowing, which can prevent clogged arteries and reduce the risks of developing heart disease, diabetes, certain dementias, and some cancers.

Doesn’t Increase Stress Levels


Forcing yourself to go to the gym to exercise or to hit the trail when all that you really want to do is sit on the couch has shown to be counterproductive when it comes to longevity by some studies, as it increases stress levels. When climbing stairs is a natural part of your day or is easy to build into your day, it does not have this same impact on stress levels. In fact, climbing stairs can feel productive if you are going somewhere necessary, so it may even decrease stress levels.

Builds Strength in Several Areas


Stair climbing exercises the calves, hamstrings, and quads just like walking does. However, stair climbing also works the glutes, hip flexors, and core more intensely. This builds strength in these areas gradually and can keep the underlying bone structures strong, as well. Climbing stairs has even been associated with decreased risks of osteoporosis.

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