• Sip These Beverages Before Your Strength Training Session

    Exercising on a completely empty stomach is not great for your muscles and can affect your metabolism, slowing down the burn of calories. However, going to the gym on a full stomach can be uncomfortable and embarrassing and may hinder your progress. Waiting the exact perfect amount of time to go after a meal can […]
  • Triceps Exercises That You Should Definitely Not Try

    Dips Dips look hardcore, so many people do them to show off or feel like a badass. Unfortunately, dips are very easy to do wrong and can cause injuries when performed incorrectly. If the torso is held in a vertical position and the elbows are held out while doing the move, it puts strain on […]
  • Tried and True Strength Building Tactics That You Need In Your Life

    Stick with the Basics The basic workouts that have been pushed again and again as being imperative – the deadlift, squat, bench press, shoulder press, and pushup have stuck around for a reason. These exercises help you to increase strength faster than others and give you a full body workout that can keep your systems […]
  • Strength Training Mistakes That you’re Probably Making

    Not Warming Up Before Getting Started Warming up is essential before lifting weights. Lifting weights while your muscles are cold is a recipe for injury and will not allow you to get the most from your workout. Taking just five minutes to do some dynamic stretches, jumping jacks, and windmills will get you ready to […]
  • Intense Ninja Style Exercises That Make You Lift Your Own Body Weight

    Candlesticks Candlesticks make you move your body weight quickly and build agility. To start, stand with your feet hip width apart. Quickly sit down and roll backwards onto your back, letting the momentum continue and bringing your legs up until they are perpendicular with the floor. Let your arms fall naturally above your head. Shift […]
  • Stairs and These Exercises Are All You Need to Build Rock Hard Muscles

    We often look around for equipment to optimize our workouts, but stairs may actually provide some of the best workouts possible. It is important to find the right stairs to work out on, as not all stairs are safe or ideal for all of the following exercises. The best stairs should be at least eight […]
  • 3 Barbell Exercises That Work Your Whole Body

    The barbell is a wonderful piece of equipment that can help to increase your strength, balance, and coordination. Just to lift the barbell off the ground and get it into a usable position requires you to use many muscle groups. The following exercises can help to give you a good full body exercise that can […]
  • Get Your Morning Started Right with These 3 Exercises

    Doing a morning workout for just fifteen minutes or less immediately after waking up can help to jump start your day. The short interval will help you to stick to it and will keep you fresh instead of tired for the day ahead. Doing these exercises immediately will help you to break away from the […]
  • Strength Training Helps You Lose Weight in These 3 Ways

    To lose weight, it is very important to combine both diet and exercise. However, strength training can make it much easier for you to see the gains from your other efforts more quickly. While you shouldn’t expect to see weight massively drop off after your first time picking up weights, strength training can help you […]
  • Get Super Strong Super Fast with These 4 Exercises

    While exercising will definitely help you to get in shape faster, not all exercises are created equal. After you have been training for some time, it is good to target certain muscle groups. However, when you are just starting out and want to get super strong super fast, you can do yourself a favor by […]
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