Switch Between Push-ups and Pull-ups

download (3)No matter how many fancy new workouttechniques come along to turn our heads with promises of instant results the “classics” always seem to stick around, and there is a good reason for that. When it comes to strength training for the upper body the oldies are most certainly goodies. Rudimentary exercises that use the body’s own weight and resistance to work the muscles have been an effective way to gain strength for centuries. In other words, when you’ve got no time to get to the gym and you’ve got no access to weights, no problem. Just rely on push-ups and pull-ups to get the job done.


Both push-ups and pull-ups are workout staples and when done in tandem they work pretty much every muscle in the upper body. If you’re looking for strength and definition in your biceps and triceps, your chest, shoulders and upper back, push-ups and pull-ups should be part of your regular routine. When it comes to these two strength training exercises many people prefer one to the other and they stick with push-ups or pull-ups in their workout because they think they do essentially the same thing. But the truth is, a truly effective routine should include both push-ups, which primarily target the front side of the upper body, and pull-ups, which primarily target the back side of the upper body. When you put them together you’ve got a full upper body workout that gets great results.

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