Strong Quads


If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that sees snow during the winter, the beginning of your ski season might be just around the corner. Or maybe you’re planning on hitting a top ski destination while on your Christmas break. Although we’re sure you’ll have fun regardless, here’s an exercise to strengthen your quads in the days before you get out on the hill. If you put in some time now to prep your legs, you’ll spend more time out on the hill and less time in the lodge later. While you do this exercise, don’t forget to think about snow-capped vistas.

Wall Sit

–          Find a wall.

–          Stand against the wall with your back pressed against it.

–          Slowly slide your back down the wall so that your knees bend until you’re “sitting” against the wall with your upper and lower legs at a 90 degree angle to each other, as if you’re in an invisible chair.

–          Hold this isometric strengthening pose for 2 minutes, or until you feel as though you can’t any longer.

–          For an added challenge, shift so that you’re holding your body in a sitting position with the use of only one of your legs, lifting the other one straight out in front of you. Then switch halfway through.

–          To add an isometric upper body strengthener, hold your arms straight out from your shoulders while you sit.

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