Strengthening Your Fingers for Rock Climbing

download (10)If I asked you to name the top five spots you’re most concerned about when it comes to strength training I’m willing to bet your fingers wouldn’t leap to mind as one of the top concerns. And yet, if you spend any serious time rock climbing, you know very well that having strong hands and particularly fingers can make all the difference when you’re stuck in a rather precarious position high up on the face of a cliff. The physics involved in rock climbing relies heavily (no pun intended) on the climber being able to grip and pull, sometimes his entire body weight, with his fingers. So yeah, they need to be strong. Here is a way to help make that happen.


Bouldering is the practice of climbing without using a harness or ropes. To get good at it, you obviously need to take precautions to be extra safe while you learn to do it well and strengthen your hands. Most people when they boulder wear climbing shoes and use a bouldering mat to place beneath them for any potential falls. Practicing indoors on a rock wall is the best way to get a feel for bouldering, and it is certainly an effective way to quickly improve your finger grip and your overall hand strength. Once you get better at it and are feeling more confident you can move onto bouldering outside. If you focus on the skill of bouldering for a while you will soon find you have greater overall strength in your climbs.

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