Strength Training While Traveling

imagesIt’s hard enough to maintain a consistent strength training regimen when we’re at home and living our normal day-to-day routine. But when we interrupt that routine to go traveling or visiting family for the holidays it becomes twice as hard to maintain any semblance of our regular strength training program. And while we might not be able to get in the exact same workout that we get at home or at our own gym, there are definitely things we can do while traveling to make us feel as though we’re maintaining our progress or even getting stronger.


Get Creative

Does it make sense to join a gym in your hometown for the one week you’re home visiting Mom and Dad for Thanksgiving? Probably not. If you belong to a national chain gym with a location there, great. Otherwise, get creative and remember that you don’t need a gym to strength train. Take a walk or drive around the neighborhood where you’re staying. Find a park with a playground. If you can find a swingset or even a tree with some thick, strong branches, you’ve got a place to do pull-ups.


Use What You’ve Got

Remember when you’re short on gym equipment that your body’s own resistance can be your best equipment of all. Do some wind sprints in the open area of a park you find to build up your heart rate, and then do some circuits of push-ups, pull-ups, lunges and squats. A few days of push-ups and laying off the weights can be just the change up your body needs to respond with some added strength.

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