Strength Training the Football Way


Thanksgiving is an unofficial football holiday, both on and off the gridiron. If your family has a traditional game of football on turkey day, it may help to get some strength training in beforehand. Even doing a round of strength training to prep you for the round can help keep you on your toes and give you the endurance you need to power through the day.


Ballistics use light loads applied at high rates of speed with force behind them. Medicine balls are perfect for ballistics, as you can drive the medicine ball with power from the start to the end of the movement without worrying about getting hurt or damaging objects or structures. Try doing jump squats while driving a medicine ball up to gain agility and power on the field.

Isotonic Weight Lifting

Isotonic weight lifting works similar to traditional strength training exercises, but you lift lighter loads in quick, explosive bursts. Power cleans with a barbell are an ideal isotonic weight lifting exercise. These types of exercises can help to give you the strength to perform powerful moves in short bursts on the field, which can come in handy.


Sprints are obviously very necessary to get the ball where you want it on the field, so it only makes sense to improve your sprint-ability ahead of time. Try timing your sprints to build your endurance, so that you will be able to easily sprint around on the field for as long as you need to.

Leg Presses

It is important to make sure that your leg strength is up to snuff to keep you standing tall throughout the game. Leg presses can help to work the calves and thighs, building the muscles up and supporting you when you need it. Pick your exercises well, have fun, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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