Strength Training – Max Out Ladders Burnout

ladders-max-out To gain size, it requires building strength. Strength training can be almost as mental as it is physical. Not seeing strength gains each week can be discouraging, leading to a lack of motivation. Workout plateaus can be challenging to break through. A good way to push through these temporary peeks is to do a max out ladders workout once every few weeks.

Max Out – Most bodybuilders and weightlifters are familiar with maxing out, or lifting the most possible weight you can, even for only one repetition. The max out day is essential for muscle growth and strength gains. You should not max out every day and most recommend no more than once per week if you’re lifting 5 days or more. Maxing too frequently increases your chance for injury and actually limits your gains because you’re not completely exhausting the muscle when you max too often.

Ladders – Bodybuilders and weightlifters should be equally familiar with burnout days, doing a pyramid workout or diamond pyramid workout for some added muscle endurance. An extreme version of a pyramid workout is called Ladders. This type of workout is to completely exhaust the muscle by starting with the maximum weight you can lift, and progressively stepping down the weight until the lowest available, completing at least two reps per weight, and usually with limited to no breaks between each weight set.

Max Out Ladders

To do a max out burnout workout, these two concepts are combined by adding longer breaks either between sets or doing the workout twice with 20 minutes break of light cardio between. Again, start with the highest weight you are able to maintain good form and keep stepping the weight down until you can complete at least one rep, preferably at least two, but as many as you possibly can as you decrease the weight. By the end of this type of workout you will likely feel like Jell-o.

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