Strength Training for Weight Loss

imagesMany people think that cardio is there to burn fat and make you lose weight, while strength training is there to build you up and make you bulkier. Nothing could be further from the truth and moreand more people are coming to realize that many strength training moves can actually make you more toned and can even help you lose weight. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you’re getting smaller instead of bigger as you get stronger through your strength training? Well, that’s exactly what many trainers are now trying to teach people as they mix strength training moves into more workouts and watch their clients get amazing results and drop pounds.


Strength moves that use the body’s own natural strength as resistance and added weight are great for burning fat and calories. These moves include lunges and squats, especially those that use a little added weight in the form of hand weights or a kettlebell. And if you combine a strength move like a squat with a cardio move like an explosive jump up off the ground out of the squat you’ll burn even more. If you have an aerobic step from days gone by (or just use any old step in your house) then step up and down off that thing as you do some upper body weight work such as bicep curls and shoulder presses. With your legs working so hard while you work the weights you’re bound to burn extra calories.

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