Strength Training After 40

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Many of us learn a certain way of strength trainingwhen we’re in our 20s or 30s that we enjoy and that is effective and we stick with that. Once we find we’re getting the results we want with a certain weight lifting regimen or other strength training routine, we figure why rock the boat? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And yet, whether we wish to admit or not, our bodies do begin to change quite a bit after we turn 40 and our strength training routines need to change along with them. If not, we risk injury, which is not something anyone wants to deal with. We may not be the same supermen and women we were in our 20s, but we can still be in astonishing shape after 40, as long as we play it smart and make a few changes.


Protect Your Joints

The truth is, aging has an effect on your joints as we all know; your elbows, shoulders and especially your knees need some TLC after you turn 40. Now is the time to pull back a bit on your lower body workoutsession, cutting them back to once or twice a week. Instead, fill that time with some more cardio that is heart healthy and burns fat.


Lift Smarter, Not Harder

Intense lifting exercises such as squats and deadlifts are the fastest way to injure yourself as you get older, if you’re unwilling to adjust your routine. Lifting a little less weight to protect your lower back and legs is a whole lot better than not being able to lift at all because you’re injured.


Longer Warm-ups Are Your Friend

Many younger people see warm-ups as something they have to get through as quickly as possible. They sometimes don’t see the absolute necessity of the warm-up because they don’t get hurt if they skip the warm-up one day. Warm-ups are definitely necessary, and when you’re older and it takes your body longer to bounce back, if you don’t take the proper time to warm up you will end up injured

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