Strength Building for Beginner Parkour Enthusiasts


Parkour is a fun looking type of exercise that turns the world into a playground to be vaulted over, jumped across, and spun on. Before beginning some of the more impressive looking parkour moves, however, it is critical to build up your strength. Parkour moves can be dangerous if you are not strong enough to support your weight. Try the following exercises and be sure to use your surroundings to work out every chance that you get to really begin to understand the principle of parkour.

Wall Handstand

Handstands can help to build strength, balance, and coordination. However, doing free-standing handstands can be extremely difficult for those that have not developed sufficient upper body and core strength. Using a wall to climb into a handstand is a great way to modify in order to build strength and balance so that you can do free-standing handstands and simply build overall strength.

Broad Jump

Broad jumps are great for building leg strength and for helping you to improve coordination. To do a broad jump, simply squat and jump as far forward as possible, using your arms to propel you. This move will help you prepare to do the vaulting jumps that are so prevalent in parkour.

Quadrupedal Movement

To master the basics, you will have to look like an animal at some point or another. Quadrupedal movements, simply put, entail walking around on all fours. Instead of walking on your knees, you walk on your tiptoes, keeping your knees off the ground. This move may seem simple, but it works different muscles than usual, so it can actually be very taxing. Getting used to the movement can help you to get under or through small spaces and can provide additional stabilization when you are moving around at great heights.

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